We are Infinite.

It all started with a reply at 3:16 in the morning on July 23, 2012. Connection was made at that moment. We first laid eyes on each other on a Saturday, July 28, 2012...I remember seeing you through the Barns and Noble window, sitting at a table on the second floor. I was like...I hope that's him. :) After that first night, things got turbulent...but now I vow to never take you for granted ever again, because our official journey has been initiated on Monday, October 15, 2012 (7ish) cuz I love you babe. <3 (^_^)

U know me so freaking well! Thank u for the flowers! ksojack can’t wait to match with our super hero shirts! Ahhhh and u bought me stripes! U know how much I love stripes 😚😘😚😘😚 happy 22 months again! Can’t wait to take u to the chiefs next week! #love

Happy 22 monthssary to ksojack who I can never get tired of being excited to see, who I can never say no to staying at home and being couch potatoes….who I can never imagine not being with for the rest of my life. I’m so happy that you’re the first thing I see when I wake up…well that is if my night shift doesn’t throw us off. Lol LOVE you to Pluto and back! #infinity #love

I guess that&#8217;s why I&#8217;m so smart! #genius ksojack

I guess that’s why I’m so smart! #genius ksojack

I will love you UNCONDITIONALLY! ksojack