We are Infinite.

It all started with a reply at 3:16 in the morning on July 23, 2012. Connection was made at that moment. We first laid eyes on each other on a Saturday, July 28, 2012...I remember seeing you through the Barns and Noble window, sitting at a table on the second floor. I was like...I hope that's him. :) After that first night, things got turbulent...but now I vow to never take you for granted ever again, because our official journey has been initiated on Monday, October 15, 2012 (7ish) cuz I love you babe. <3 (^_^)

#PicturePerfect #Love #Gay and Proud of what we got! ksojack 23 months with u has been the best part of my life….now let’s make that part bigger and bigger and bigger….cheers to us…and for more monthssaries to come!

Happy 23 Months Bae! I’m so happy to have had our first road trip here in STL! It was definitely a much deserved vacation! It has been a blast! I can’t ever picture myself without u. U r the life of my party….one that I hope never stops. U r my everything. I’ve said it a lot during this trip but I really do mean it every time I say I love u! Yes that includes when I pout and turn around too! Fuck all the haters or anyone who would try to mess with what we’ve got! Our love is intangible…only we have access to it! I’m proud of what we have….and it continually amazes me of how much our love has grown for each other. I love u babe and even though we will b going back to work soon….I am excited to back in our duck feather bed and have our dinners before work…bcuz to me those are the most precious moments u give me. U give me Companionship….love…patience….and willing to b my side at all times. Can’t wait for our 2 years next month!!! Love, Vanilla Churro (STL version of ur nickname for me haha) 💙💙💙👄💙👄💙👄💙👄💙👄💙💙💙 ksojack #love is all we need!

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